Best Ten Audio Books to Improve Your Mind


The mind is the single most important factor in determining who we are and what we do as individuals. It is hence very important that we keep it active and nurture it regularly through reading the right books. Time has become a very precious commodity these days and one of the first things to be sacrificed is reading. However, with the advent of audiobooks, this does not have to be so.

It’s indeed incredible that not many people pay a great deal of attention to what gets into their minds.

If your mind is positive and creative, you can become all you ever dream of becoming.

Most of the highly successful people you see in the news today took a great deal of time to work on improving their minds.

On the other hand, if your mind is negative and inactive, it’s very likely you won’t amount to anything in life. Analyzing the lives of some of the most notorious people in the world would reveal that they always fed their minds with negative thoughts.

The question that obviously comes to play here is – are we born with positive or negative minds?

I will quickly and firmly say NO to both!

We develop our minds by what we put into it. If we are continually putting negative information into our minds, this results in negative thoughts and ultimately negative actions.

So, if you want the opposite creative thoughts, it is pertinent to always get the right kind of information into your mind.

The most common way to do this is by reading the right kinds of books.

Sadly, because of the great demand for our time, only a few people still read lots of books, especially after college.

We mostly only have time to read the newspapers and magazines. And guess what? Most newspapers only end up giving us the bad news that further increase our negative state of mind.

If you want to really get positive and helpful information, you need to read books that contain such information.

Thankfully with the advent and popularity of audiobooks, anyone can get the right information into his or her mind without having to “read”.

You can enjoy the benefits of audiobooks while exercising, commuting to and from your work, etc.

For those who don’t know exactly the audiobooks to go for, below are some of the 10 best audiobooks to improve your mind.

1. How to Win Friends & Influence People Author: Dale

Carnegie Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio

2. Awaken the Giant Within Author: Anthony Robbins

3. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway Author: Susan Jeffers

4. Build Your Self Esteem Author: Glenn Harrold Publisher:

Diviniti Publishing

5. Awaken the Giant Within Author: Anthony Robbins

6. Develop a Powerful Memory Author: Glenn Harrold

7. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Author: Stephen

R. Covey Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio

8. The Power is within You Author: Louise L. Hay Publisher:

Hodder Headline Audiobooks

9. Creating Inner Peace and Calm Author: Glenn Harrold

10. Get Up and Do It! Publisher: BBC Books

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