10 Tips for Postcard Marketing: Skyrocket Your Direct Mail Response


Each day people are surrounded by advertising everywhere they go. How do you get your message to stand out from the rest and be noticed by your future customer? An eye-catching postcard is a quickest and most cost-effective way to get big results for your business. Follow these ten tips for postcard marketing and your direct mail response will skyrocket.

1. Your postcard should stand out from the rest. When sifting through circulars, if a piece feels more substantial or stands out, the customer is more likely to pull it out of the pile. A heavy stock always stands apart from the usual flimsy offers in the mailbox, and using full color on at least one side of the card will boost your chances of being noticed.

2. Protect your postcards. Adding a UV coating prevents smearing and illegibility. A UV coating adds brilliance and shine to make your postcard pop, and also it protects your message from the hazards of mailing.

3. Order in bulk. To save costs order in large quantities whenever possible and warehouse the postcards for future mailings. Storing brings significant savings when your content is consistent.

4. One-day turnarounds. Be sure to have a printer on call who can meet last-minute deadlines without hidden charges. Sometimes holding off on the final design is the best call. Make sure your printer is as flexible as the market demands your business to be.

5. Mail more than once. The best time to be in front of your prospect is when he or she is about to buy. Not knowing exactly when that may be, your best option is to capture mindshare, the creation of consumer awareness so that your product is the first thing buyers think of when they are ready to make a purchase. Most studies show that a minimum of four mailings to the same list has a positive effect and increases mindshare.

6. It pays to test. Vary your offer, the image, the text, when you mail, to whom you mail, and the call to action. Never change more than one variable at a time. Make sure to track the results, which may surprise you. Sometimes a higher price can yield a greater response or certain months, weeks, or days can prove more effective than others.

7. The immediacy factor. Without envelopes or packaging, the postcard’s simplistic design takes advantage of the immediacy factor. Don’t muck it up by hiding what you have to say in confusing designs. Choose an image that helps convey your message and be concise with your text. You have only two to three seconds to grab your customer’s attention.

8. Ask for the order. Are you trying to increase your website traffic? Looking to get more people in your store? Every postcard should ask for a response, something you want from the customer. Limited time offers, free reports, and website deals are all techniques that can help.

9. The list. An updated, targeted list is the most important part of the process. Make sure the contact information is current and that you respect those who wish to be removed from your list. Play with the list by targeting different zip codes, past customers, and blind markets. And remember to always track the response.

10. When you have a winner, do it again. Tinker with the design, add special features but know when to stop. When you find a postcard that works, keep on using it!

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