A Comprehensive Guide to Apply for A Government Grant


A quick search of the online grant searches will quickly demonstrate to you how much grant money is truly available to the American public. You can find grants for virtually every type of business, field of study, or artistic endeavor. Whether you are a struggling playwright or the sole proprietor of a new small business, you can greatly help your cause by applying for a government grant.

In many cases, you will be able to find organizations on a local level that cater specifically to people in your situation. This can greatly limit the competition you face for grant money, and it can often give you the opportunity to connect with a group that will work closely in developing your project.

Applying for a government grant is much easier than most people think. There are certain steps that must be followed, but most agencies spell them out clearly for you before you ever start filling out the paperwork. In many cases, you will have to register with the CCR (central contractor registry).

If you are applying for a grant for an organization, you will most likely have to register yourself as an authorized organization representative (AOR) before you can move forward with the process. Once the paperwork is in place, it will take several days to process, so you will have to wait before you take the next step.

The next step will depend upon the grant you are applying for. Usually, artistic grants will require you to submit past work, the present project you are working on, or the future piece you are trying to develop. Grants for new businesses are often dependent on business plans or an organization’s commitment to the community.

Grant requirements are as varied as grants themselves, so it is crucial that you fully understand the specific agency you are contacting before applying for a government grant.

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