A Different South Pacific Island for Your Romantic Getaway


A South Pacific Vacation makes you think of Fiji, French Polynesia, Tahiti, but not perhaps Lord Howe Island. Yet Lord Howe Island could be just the perfect South Pacific Island vacation destination, a real romantic getaway, and yet easily accessible from the eastern seaboard of Australia, as it only takes two hours flying time.

Lord Howe Island is an extraordinary place and has been described as the last paradise, where you will often find more fish and bird species than people, and this includes the visitors as well!! The reason for this is there are around 300 residents and then a restriction of 400 visitors at any one time. For this reason, it is never crowded, and a good reason to call itself a real south pacific island romantic getaway

Lord Howe Island has the most southerly coral reef in the world, and it is absolutely teeming with over 500 species of fish, plus many varieties of coral. It makes a superb sight below the water line but pretty spectacular above, where there is a lovely lagoon protected by the line of surf that denotes the reef. This is a place with no pollution and the beaches are spotless.

Lord Howe Island is dramatic to look at, as it came from an ancient volcanic eruption, and the southern end is dominated by two large mountains called Mt.Gower, and Mt.Lidgbird, named after the Commander of the first ship to visit the island, which soar 875 meters out of the ocean.

Visitors definitely step back in time when they arrive here, and there are few of the trappings of resort-style 21st-century life for the holidaymaker. This is a place for nature lovers, and people who like nothing better than to walk and even hike in the mountains.

In addition, you can hand feed the fish at Ned’s Beach, go for a lagoon cruise in a glass-bottomed boat, charter a boat to go fishing or take the two-hour round the island trip. By the way, the island is 11 km long and 3kms at its widest.

I term of where to stay on Lord Howe Island, then there are 17 family-run accommodation properties, ranging from full board to self-catering, but please note, there is no camping permitted. You can hire a car when you are here if you pre-book it, but bicycles are the popular mode of transport.

The weather on Lord Howe is subtropical varying from 18-28 degrees C.

The Best time to visit Lord Howe Island is really anytime!! In fact, from September to May is summertime, and it is usually fine and mild to warm and hot. You are advised to bring a jacket for cooler evenings, and that you should bring a raincoat. You’ll need comfortable shoes and sandshoes for reef walking. You’ll need a torch to find your way around at night because there are no streetlights.

There are no entry requirements, and Australian citizens don’t need a passport.

Lord Howe Island isn’t only a great place for a romantic getaway it is also a paradise for children because they can roam free in perfect safety because there are no snakes, nothing poisonous, and almost zero crime. Honeymooners and escapists love it because you are out of the range of mobile phone masts.

Go to Lord Howe Island for a South Pacific Island Vacation with a difference.

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