Achieving Peace of Mind and Awareness with Meditation


Meditation is all about letting go. What we give up, we are giving away our true self, our essence, to that which we call the “I”. You cannot move forward in life without first letting go of your ego and suffering.

We often feel confused and out of sorts because we have been given worldly thoughts, that feels comfortable to us, do not reflect the true essence of who we are, or who we could be until we begin to free ourselves from those thoughts. Until you begin to become peaceful, at peace, and fully aware, your spiritual journey will be much easier.

The body practices of meditation are really quite simple. However, the practice is so easy, it is just about as easy as beginning to drink the water that is cold.

The trick is to keep the body immersed in cold or warm water and keep the mind focussed on something peaceful. When the mind becomes clear, that it does not focus on worldly thoughts, that it does not wander but remains concentrated on anything else, it is then time to meditate. Letting go is the primary means for doing this. One can simply relax, close their eyes, close their minds, and allow whatever arises to come and go or be absorbed into the consciousness.

Whenever one begins to become quiet, allow that to be the same as one’s state of mind. Meditating is not a series of moves. It is more like simply becoming one with the universe and with the “I”.

Meditation involves being quiet, still, and stillness, and allowing any thoughts that arise to pass by. All this is done silently and without external distractions. When one enters meditation, they must then put aside worldly thoughts and look inward, where all that is possible, and all that is perceived by the inner self. By this, one will start to learn about what lies behind all of the changes, and with that knowledge, they will see that their existence is natural and that they have to just accept it as it is.

When meditation begins, the mind becomes quiet, still, and stillness. The more peaceful the mind, the better the state of consciousness that occurs. This occurs for several reasons. Firstly, we get to fully immerse our awareness into the present moment, and secondly, the continuous inner self that constantly meets with a problem, stress, or problem, is seen as the source of all that is ‘wrong’ in our lives.

As we become peaceful, there is no trouble in our lives. Peaceful minds are aware of everything that occurs, and nothing is neglected or forgotten. This is because, at peace, we find peace in everything that happens, and are always in a state of awareness. Because we are aware of everything, we are able to see and understand what is happening around us, and we become aware of what we really need to do.

When we suffer, we suffer alone, and in a very small way. Therefore, we are seeking peace, when we experience some problems because we are looking at it from our true nature.

Meditation is therefore not about moving forward or backward, or higher or lower. It is about surrendering to that which is already there and finding peace in the present. In this, we are completely selfless, and for that reason, we can make the most of every situation that arises. We are free of fears and are freed from unnecessary worry, because we are not clinging to the thought of loss, and not looking at the fear of loss.

Meditation is a process of becoming aware of the self, and not of the self because it is the self that is truly responsible for who we are. Consciously, we are aware of who we are, but in this state, we let that information flow through our body, mind, and soul into the Present Moment, where we are completely At Peace.

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