Get A Good Instant Approval Credit Card: Here’s How


When it comes time to get another credit card, you now have the option of being able to get it very quickly. Applying for a credit card could not be made any easier – or faster. Generally, you will know in just a matter of minutes whether you are approved. With it being so easy, however, you may want to take a few minutes to find out and make sure it is a good deal. Here are some things to look for when it comes to making sure it is the great deal you want to think it is.

An instant approval credit card is generally only for those who have either good or excellent credit. Otherwise, you probably will not be accepted and your application will be rejected. This is at least true with most credit card companies. Now, however, there are even instant approval credit cards for students and some for those with bad credit. So, the playing field is now becoming a little more level.

When you start comparing the various offers for instant approval credit cards, you need to choose one of the cards that are most likely to bring you the most rewards or rebates. This may be a travel card, a gas card, a general one, or one that is for special things like entertainment. Driver’s cards are another option.

After you choose the main feature then look at the interest. This can run anywhere from 9.99% and on up to about 18.24%. Being that you could be paying this rate after the introductory period expires, you want to get an instant approval credit card with a good and low rate. Student credit cards and those for people with bad credit, or at least less than good credit can expect higher rates of interest and shorter periods for the introductory offers.

Then, if you have outstanding balances on other credit cards, you want to get your instant approval credit card with the option of balance transfers. Find out when this option can be used since a number of credit cards only permit it when you sign up. Also, see how long you can enjoy the 0% interest on the transfers. You want to get one that gives you that rate of interest (none) for up to at least one year.

The rewards are one of the exciting things about a good instant approval credit card. These come in many forms and amounts – depending on the type of instant approval credit card you get. Be sure to check on how long the points, or air miles last, and see what type of stores they can be redeemed in, and how close those stores are to you.

Lastly, see about any fees that apply. Some newer instant approval credit cards now have no interest, but they will charge an annual fee. There may also be a fee for balance transfers, and, possibly, even more charges. You will have to look at the fine print in order to learn about all of these.

Be careful looking into each of these things, you should be able to come away with a good instant approval credit card. Sometimes, if there are any questions about your credit score, though, you may be required to answer more questions by phone, or mail, in order to get it settled. After that, your new credit card should come in just a few days.

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