Holiday Cards: Old Fashioned Makes a Comeback


I know I speak for almost every woman I know when I say that holiday cards seem to be simple enough, but they end up being quite the ordeal. We had a long discussion about this and we have come to a few conclusions. There seems to be a story going around about people who have all of their cards done and out in the mail by the beginning of December. They are all addressed properly, and they all have a nice personal note from the sender. We have searched in vain for these people. If such an organized person exists, no one seems to be able to say who they are.

For me, I always start out with the best of intentions when it comes to holiday cards. I buy them early enough, and I do try to make time to sit down and write them. I am always too busy to do more than a few at a time though, and I always seem to be short when it comes to addresses. There is always someone who has moved or some address I have lost. It takes me at least a week to find the addresses I need so I can proceed with the holiday cards.

I don’t know who said you should include a personal note in each of the holiday cards you send out in the mail, but I have concluded that they are either insane or they only have to send out two cards. There is no other way to explain it. I would love to put special messages on each of my holiday cards, but this is something that I cannot do. It’s next to impossible. I manage to do it for some of the cards, but end up having to just sign the rest of them. Then I feel guilty and hope my friends don’t compare notes about the holiday cards I sent out to each of them.

That’s not always a worry though, because there are times I don’t get them sent out at all. This year I have a stack of holiday cards addressed and ready to go, but they are still sitting on my table. If I am lucky I will get them out this weekend and they will arrive in time for the holidays, but I’m not so sure it’s going to happen. As per usual, there are two cards with incomplete addresses. If I were to mail all of the holiday cards out now minus the two I need an address for, those two will remain forgotten. I have to send them out all at once. This means I will have to apologize yet again for them being late. That’s ok though. If my friends got them on time they may think something is wrong.

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