How Drug Abuse Has Become a Plague to Society


Drug abuse has been an extremely distressing and difficult issue plaguing society today. Thousands of people of varying ages, sexes, and nationalities have come under the spell of these dangerous substances, using anywhere from marijuana, magic mushrooms, heroin, and cocaine down to controlled substances like prescription medications and designer drugs such as Ecstasy. For a price, it seems that anyone can get high on their drug of choice. The secret drug abuse that celebrities, athletes, politicians, and other famous people have taken pains to hide has been exposed and widely publicized in the media. High-profile personalities such as Eric Clapton, Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan, Robert Downey, Jr. have all battled their drug-enhanced demons in public. The subject of drug abuse is a common theme in movies, television shows, and literature. Everyone seems to have an opinion about the subject; some vehemently against drug abuse, and others even glamorizing it. Despite the massive attention the issue of drug abuse gets, the scary part about the whole matter is that there doesn’t seem to be a clear solution in sight.

In the last few decades, we have seen the most horrendous crimes committed by crazy people with a drug abuse problem who were too much under the influence to have control over their actions. Many innocent lives have been ruined or lost in school shootings, sexual assaults, and other random acts of violence done by these drug addicts. This is because drugs can strip away inhibition and affect other brain functions, leaving the person in its grip to burst into uncontrollable rages. People who habitually abuse drugs eventually suffer a decline, not only in physical and mental health but also in maintaining their relationships.

Occasionally, the drug addict will agree to go into a rehabilitation facility and undergo a type of group therapy and one on one counseling. But more often than not they will have a relapse after being released. Largely because their issues were not adequately addressed during the course of therapy or because they lacked the resolve to remain sober.

There is a popular axiom concerning drug abuse that says we should blame the drugs and not the person. However, it is difficult to keep that kind of impartiality when the drug addict is a loved one. Contrary to popular belief, drug abuse is not just the problem of the person addicted to these substances. Family members are frequently the victims of the violence brought about by these drugs. Children have been abandoned, or worse, sold by parents who needed their next fix. Drug addicts are notorious for saying and doing anything just to be able to purchase drugs. They may turn in desperation to crime or prostitution to earn enough money to pay for the constant drug supply. In time, relatives and other loved ones eventually pull away and give up out of disillusionment.

Having a family member with a drug abuse problem is extremely difficult for all those who care for that person. But it is important to remember that they need your help and support to get through their addiction. Breaking off the relationship may only make them feel worse and sink further into their drug-fueled fantasy world. Group therapy or counseling is often recommended for the victims of drug abuse—the families and friends of the drug addict. This helps them help the addict by being better equipped to understand their motivations and knowing the best way to do an intervention.

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