Increase Business by Sending Gifts


Business Owners are always looking for new ways to increase sales. One way to do this is by allocating a percentage of your advertising budget to promotional products.

Instead of spending 100% of your budget on advertising, allocate 25% to promotional products. Repeat business from existing customers is the mainstay for most businesses!

If you are sending promotional material by direct mail then include something cost-effective like a pen, letter opener, etc. Make sure that your business logos, phone numbers are printed/engraved on the gift.

If you are creating a radio campaign then include a free gift for the first 100 customers who reply to your campaign. It could be as simple as a mug. Every time the customer has coffee you will be on his mind!

If you are running a newspaper campaign then include a voucher that entitles the user to a free gift. Maybe a tee-shirt or a baseball cap with your logo on it.

Arrive at your present client bearing a small carefully thought-out gift and ask him for a referral. You will be surprised at the response! Diaries, calculators & calendars go down well and you will be in the customers mind long after you are gone.

Once you have given a promotional gift to a business client, then you will earn respect. If the client then receives 2 quotes for the same goods, and yours is slightly out, you will still get the business because you have built loyalty!

Bear in mind that it is important to have your details on each product you give and you will reap the benefits long after your campaign has stopped! You don’t necessarily need to add your full company details. Even your basic logo will act as a reminder as to who sent the gift!

Before you ask – No, we don’t sell promotional products but I am sure that there are local businesses that do! To find companies that market promotional products, just do a search on the internet for “promotional products”.

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