Shopping For Satin


This may not be something that you usually think of when shopping for satin. But the internet can be a fantastic place to start your quest for satin fabric and satin products (such as satin sheets). We live in a highly interconnected world these days and just because your local store sells satin, it doesn’t mean they have a monopoly on the market. There are people and small businesses as far away as Thailand that have taken to the web (and especially Ebay) to sell their satin goods online. Here are some tips that we’ve come up with to help you in your satin shopping strategy.

1) Use price comparisons on Ebay. I use this trick all the time. First search for ‘satin’ or ‘satin sheets.’ Next, run the search again but check the ‘show only buy-it-now items’ box. This will bring up a much smaller list of satin items with the amount that the seller will be willing to part with the items for. This can really help in price comparisons due to the fact that these will often be fairly reduced prices compared to what you will see advertised in traditional retail shops.

2) Don’t forget to check the different shopping specific search engines. I just a quick search on Google for the terms ‘satin’ and more than 675,000 results were found! Wow, that’s a lot. There probably aren’t that many vendors selling satin. However, let’s conservatively estimate that 10% of these results have products that we could conceivably purchase. You could conduct price comparisons here just like you would on Ebay. And in fact, you could even compare the prices between Froogle and Ebay to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

3)Learn about the ins and outs of satin before buying any (or any satin products). Points 1) and 2) are great if, and only if, you know what you are looking at. There are tons of different things to learn about this versatile fabric. Get educated about the different types of satin available online and then figure out exactly what is the good stuff and what isn’t. You’ll be well ahead of the competition if you just put in the time to learn about satin.

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