Start Losing Weight by Changing Your Mindset


This might seem like a usual idea, losing weight using the brain/mind – but if you stop to think about it – it makes perfect sense. Where do all your thoughts come from? Your decision making abilities? Your fears, joys, etc? The brain/mind. It’s far more powerful than many give it credit for and sadly underestimated as well.

Let’s think about this idea a bit more – the brain as a natural remedy for losing weight. Not only is it immediately at your disposal, it is free. It’s always available and can perform amazing feats when given the chance. You’ve heard and read about the power of positive thinking, about affirmations and meditation. They work, so why wouldn’t they be positive about your weight loss journey?

How difficult would it be to re-tool thinking patterns about food, diets, lifestyle changes, and exercising? It might take quite a long time, but if the motivation is there, and the will and drive to succeed, it would make a winning combination. Granted there are exceptions to every rule, and there no doubt would be people who are genetically disposed to weight gain, those who have medical reasons they cannot lose weight, and still others who just don’t want to lose weight for their own reasons.

In the final analysis, using your mind/brain connection in combination with a change in eating habits, increased exercise, smaller portions, and weight loss support groups certainly won’t hurt you. In fact, it may teach you about a whole other side to how powerful your mind/brain can really be. It won’t give you side effects either.

That is the key to the weight loss industry, it prays on our mind and our fears about being overweight. It sends subtle negative messages that tell you to rely on drugs for a solution you really have control over. The hundreds of weight loss remedies mostly suggest you cannot lose weight without this herb or that fat burner. A few will mention in small print that you should change your lifestyle in addition to using their products, but let’s face it, how many people actually take the time to read the small print. With a little planning, a powerful urge to succeed in losing weight, a positive mind/brain approach to the changes you need to make and support, and hard work – you WILL make it, there is no doubt about it.

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