The Beginner’s Guide on Choosing the Right Child Bed Safety Rails


What could scare your child more than the Boogieman? A fall from his bed! You may be able to put him to sleep by reading him bedtime stories, singing lullabies, or rocking him gently, but can you stop worrying long enough to have a good night’s sleep as well? Child bed safety rails may not assure your little one that the Boogieman is a myth, but it can assure both of you that he won’t fall off his bed.

There are several child bed safety rails available in the market. Before buying a particular one, it is imperative that you go over the product description to make sure that the child bed safety rails you intend to buy fit the bed that you are going to attach it to. There are products that are supposed to be attached to the top of the mattress and not adjacent to it. The purpose of this is to avoid the incidence of your child being caught between the bed and the child bed safety rails.

The other type of child bed safety rails would require you to attach them at the sides of the bed. Some products from this type are admittedly unsafe for use because it offers the chance for children to become entrapped between the mattress and the child bed safety rails. However, there are some products that provide a snug fit leaving no space between the bed and the rails.

There are also child bed safety rails that guard both sides of the bed. These are most useful to use if the child’s bed is in the center of the room or in the absence of a wall side. Most of these products are attached together from under the mattress, giving it a snug and unmovable fit. This particular mechanism eliminates the chance of the child to roll between the bed and the child bed safety rails.

Even if the child bed safety rails are designed to prevent any accidents to happen during bedtime, it is ironic that a lot of reported deaths and injuries in children are related to the use of these products. These cases were either due to the entrapment of the children between the bed and the child bed safety rails or their slipping through the bars or mesh of the rails.

The study on these rails-related cases has caused parents to think twice about using these products for their children. However, the number of deaths and injuries from falls are more alarming. Child bed safety rails are the angels that they are created to be, but letting them function as such depends on how well you choose the products. They should be able to take care of your child during his most vulnerable hours.

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