The Key To Self-Improvement – Keeping Your Emotions In Check


Under the realm of positive self-development, an individual undergoes rigorous self-discovery. A person should perform self-assessment exercises in order to know the limitations. In order to determine their weaknesses and capabilities, there are various methods available. Meditation, self-questioning, and self-knowledge are just some techniques that an individual can apply for mental and spiritual betterment.

Private speech is a method by which an individual can attempt self-discovery. It is also called as inner speech, self-talk, and self monologue. But rather than a monologue, the method can very well be called a dialogue that a person has with the self. The most common method one can apply is meditation. Exercising one’s thoughts towards the past and present while sitting in a relaxed and calming position is a way by which one can achieve inner knowledge. Through meditation, a person is able to talk to the inner self and balance out what is lacking.

However, private speech does not necessarily mean only self-analysis. It is also a method by which people analyze things. Some people keep their thoughts in mind while others have the habit of thinking aloud. A person who thinks before speaking is said to be in private speech. People use self speech to learn things. Before making an announcement, a person might re-read a speech in mind and make any necessary changes. Children are encouraged to use self talk to overcome fears regarding speaking aloud. A dialogue with the self is sometimes necessary to overcome shyness.

Self-regulation on the other hand refers to the ability of individuals to keep their impulses and other behavioral problems under control. Some people are unable to give up on their bad habits, while some are unable to give up things that affect their individuality. Some need better motivation, while others need to conquer hidden fears that affect their capabilities. Here, self-regulation helps them overcome their problems.

Those who are able to incorporate self-regulation are able to keep their emotions in check. Jealousy, anger, passion, and even smaller impulses can be controlled through self-regulation. People who do things under impulses or who are unable to control their whims and fancies must learn a way to control them. Such people are affected by small happenings and tend to lose confidence at the slightest incidents.

Under self-regulation, a person first tries to gather what emotional imbalances or internal fears one needs to overcome. Then using the method of self-regulation one is able to learn a way to curb such behavior that forces them to lose control.

Before anyone can opt for self-regulation and self-control, one needs to know what kind of behavioral problems and emotional imbalances one needs to change. They need to interpret their weaknesses. Private speech helps them recognize those problems. As the person using private speech is talking to his inner self, the outcome of this private session with one’s self is unbiased. People are able to analyze their situation more freely and this helps in faster problem-solving.

By incorporating regular use of private self-reflection, a person can use self-control in a more effective manner. A person who is under self-control becomes more confident and is able to perform things better. Such a person’s personality is improved to a great extent. Self-regulation also makes one realize that things are not always easy, making us more capable of handling pressures and shocks in a more controlled manner. It helps in improving one’s perspective on life. People can achieve better if they know how to keep their reins on their emotions.

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