The Secrets to Building the Big Guns – Bulging Biceps


Yes, yes you can. In this article, I am going to teach you the secrets to building the big guns – Bulging Biceps. What is more, I shall also simultaneously increase your lifts by an average of 100 % (although in some cases ad much as 250%) on the major lift for this muscle group.

So how am I going to support my fantastic claims? I’m going to give you an incredibly intense three-minute arm routine, unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever experienced. You will feel every muscle fiber contract and fatigue. You will felt the rush of power and strength as you break every physical barrier you thought you had. You are going to experience Isometrics!

Isometrics is not a cutting-edge new discovery for gaining mass. It’s not a supplement. It is in fact one of the oldest methods of strength training devised, forgotten until now. It is the contraction of a muscle without the shortening of a joint – In other words, tensing the muscle as hard as possible without moving. I’m going to show you how to apply it to three major lifts, 1 for the biceps, triceps, and forearms.

You’ll need a smith machine to perform these exercises safely.

Bulging Biceps

Warm-up your biceps with a few light dumbbells or barbell curls. Nothing too taxing just enough to get them nice and warm, the blood flowing. You’re going to need it.

1. Stand in the Smyth Machine.

2. Place an empty Bar at about shoulder height (you may have to vary this to ensure the maximum effect).

3. Bring your hands up to the bar as though you have just reached the top of a barbell curl. Set it an inch below.

4. Keep your back straight, your abs tense.

5. Your biceps should be close to fully flexed at this stage. Relax, we haven’t put any weight on the bar yet.

6. Load the bar with a LOT of weight. Don’t underestimate yourself. To give an example, a friend who routinely curls 6okg on a barbell recently did this for the first time, he lifted 260 kg on his first attempt.

7. The object of the exercise is to raise the bar a little more than an inch. That’s it. Just an inch and then hold it there for 7 seconds.

8. If you can hold it longer than 7 add more weight. Anything less, take some weight off.

9. All you are doing to raise the bar is contract your biceps as hard as you can. At no time should your elbows be directly beneath the bar.

10. Really tense your biceps and forearms for all they are worth.

11. You will feel the blood rush, the muscles scream and an intensity few will ever experience.

12. Then rest. Take a week off training the biceps.

13. Buy some new shirts.

Have fun showing them off 😉

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