The Ultimate Guide on How to Earn Extra Money at Home on You Computer


The question is ‘how to earn extra money at home on the computer’. Is there really a market for doing such stuff? The cash-paying free paid surveys market as a whole is worth close to $41 billion globally – and this does not even scratch the surface of this exponentially growing trend.

Another definition that is not always mentioned comes out in what is referred to as a focus group. A focus group is usually highly paid, but most places will have limits to how much you can participate, as well as have criteria that have to be met. Most criteria deals with how many surveys you participate in on a daily basis.

These focus groups consist of six to ten people who are present at the same time and go through an interview process. A lot of information can be achieved from businesses who participate in this type of study. That is why they are willing to pay good money week in and week out just to garner all these data from the general public.

The amount of money that you can make depends on the number of surveys you can complete in the group. You may have time to complete 10 surveys only, each for 5 dollars and another person may be lucky and complete 50 surveys for 10 dollars. Also, you are dependent on the surveying companies to send you surveys. The frequency depends on the type of the company and on your profile.

In all reality, focus groups make great business ideas for earning extra money. Getting involved with one can certainly make your survey business more profitable. Many of these places offer a free membership for paid surveys, so there is no out-of-pocket cost.

So in reference to the original phrase ‘make cash using free paid surveys’, you now have a solid foundation of business ideas for earning extra money, AND for working from home.

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