Understanding Diabetes In Pregnancy: How To Keep You And Your Baby Healthy


Diabetes is one of the most common and dangerous diseases among people who are having babies. Aside, from the serious complications that this condition can bring, it also affects the pregnancy and the development of the baby. Diabetics must pay attention to their diet because this will help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They should make sure that they eat the right foods at the right time to avoid any complications that could be caused by the increase of glucose in the blood.

It is very important for diabetic patients to consult their doctors especially when they are about to get pregnant. Diabetic patients must not take medications or undergo surgery during the first three months of their pregnancy because this will worsen their condition if they already have diabetes. If the couple is diabetic, then they must inform their doctor and they must see a specialist if their blood sugar levels are increasing.

The doctor of the patient must consult a medical team that includes a nutritionist, a nurse, a registered dietitian, a doctor specializing in diabetes, and a nutritionist. These people will be responsible for making sure that diabetic patients are not taking drugs during the pregnancy so that the health of the mother and the baby is at a good level.

Women who are diabetic need to be careful during pregnancy especially those who are diagnosed with diabetes while they are pregnant. The first thing they should do is monitor their blood sugar regularly in order to know what is happening in their body.

Women who are diabetic can eat the right kind of food but they must be cautious when eating certain foods. There are foods that are highly diabetogenic which will increase the amount of glucose in the blood and therefore, women must make sure that they do not eat these kinds of foods.

A good way to ensure that the pregnancy is safe for diabetic women is to avoid all types of food that are high in fat. There are some foods that will increase the amount of glucose in the blood. They can choose other foods as long as they are healthy.

Women who are diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy must eat different types of food that are low in calories and sugar. It is important for diabetic women to choose fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and low-fat dairy products.

When pregnant women eat high in calories and sugar, they may cause their babies to be dehydrated. They must consume fruits and vegetables to ensure that the baby will get enough fluids. Diabetics must eat foods like these because if they eat processed foods like cookies, cakes, candy, and ice cream, the glucose levels will be higher and more common in the baby’s bloodstream.

Women who are diabetic must avoid sugars such as corn syrup and white table sugar because they will cause high blood sugar levels. Sugars that are high in sugar count can also be avoided. They can also avoid coffee, wine, and alcohol because these foods are diabetogenic.

Diabetics must make sure that they drink enough water while pregnant because water is needed to keep the blood sugar levels low. Women who are pregnant can also drink tea because it can lower the level of glucose in the blood and thus, the chances of diabetic complications for the baby. This is because tea contains caffeine and other substances that can raise the blood sugar levels.

Women who are diabetic must see their doctor to monitor their glucose levels and their weight. Maintaining a normal weight is necessary because overweight pregnant women are likely to have diabetic complications during pregnancy. So if you are pregnant and you have diabetes, you must be responsible for your weight and make sure that you don’t gain too much weight.

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