What You Need To Know About Chiropractors


When I was in the hospital several months ago I saw a chiropractor. He had his own office and was able to meet with patients without being there in his office. He was able to work from home, and was extremely friendly.

At the time I didn’t know whether to bring my personal pain back into the office with me or allow my sciatica to heal itself with chiropractic care. Once I saw him, I felt comfortable enough to explain my pain to him, and he was able to describe the symptoms I had.

Although I was able to tell the chiropractor, he took a very different approach than how I was treated. I found that in many cases the treatment techniques used by doctors have not been well suited for relieving pain in people who are pain-free. In other words, we already know that the medication works for some pain. But chiropractors have learned how to take care of patients who have chronic pain.

The field of Chiropractic is one of the oldest healing disciplines in the world. People who practice chiropractic care specialize in getting rid of pain and disease using their hands and feet. A chiropractor will often apply special tools to the patient that will help loosen the muscles and joints, so they can be better supported by the spine.

With time, chiropractors have been using non-surgical treatments for pain and have been experimenting with different methods of treatment to find the most effective technique. Over the past decade, chiropractors have used traction, heat, electrical stimulation, and stress reduction to help reduce pain.

Back pain, migraines, neck pain, muscle and joint pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even headaches are treated with different techniques in the same office. Some people with pain prefer to stay at home while other people can’t live without a chiropractor.

Since the nervous system controls muscle movements, a chiropractor will use manipulation, deep pressure, soft tissue, ultrasound, and electromagnetic energy to manipulate the spine and tissues in the back and neck. Some patients want their pain relieved as soon as possible and will visit the chiropractor for relief.

To treat pain in the lower back, neck, and shoulder areas, the chiropractor will manipulate the cervical vertebra. In the same manner, a massage therapist can treat specific problems in the neck, shoulders, and back.

Another technique used to relieve pain is what is known as “tonsillectomy,” in which a gentle yet appropriate force is applied to remove a substance called tonsil debris. This procedure works well for some patients but is not recommended for others because it has the potential to damage the tissues around the tongue, throat, and tonsils.

The final therapy I was told about was called “sonography” which is related to sonography. In this therapy, an x-ray is taken of the spine, then the x-rays are analyzed by a trained radiologist to diagnose the problem. This is a very effective treatment for many patients, but the radiologist must decide whether to perform the test on the patient.

The treatments provided by chiropractors vary, and it’s up to the patient to determine what treatment options are best for them. Generally, chiropractors do not have experience in performing surgery, so the patient will be asked to schedule a consultation. There may be a referral needed to get the procedure done.

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