Why Get A Chocolate Fountain


Everyone loves chocolate fountains, and what’s more, there are so many of them available. Part of the reason is that it no doubt feeds into the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fantasies people have of rivers and waterfalls of pure chocolate. In real life, the chocolate fountain is probably as close as a person will get to making those fantasies come true.

A chocolate fountain can be desired for many reasons, including spoiling your friends at a party or just spoiling yourself at home. Not all of them are expensive, with the tabletop varieties being quite affordable. But, know that not all the fountains are designed to melt the chocolate. Some chocolate fountains require that you pre-melt the chocolate, as they will only keep it heated and flowing, while others do melt the chocolate for you.

When choosing a chocolate fountain, make certain that you carefully read the description for this information. That being said, there are some fun models of fountains out there such as a number of models at online sites. Apart from electrical models, you can now also get battery-powered fountains that you can use outdoors or take on a camping trip.

The Giles Posner model is designed with ease of use in mind and it’s virtually impossible to make a big chocolate mess with it. You can get this model in pink or in black, and it looks rather attractive. It’s perfect for that party outdoors where you don’t want your guests tripping over electrical wires.

The Sephra model is also a good choice if you want a compact fountain. Sephra is a maker of large-scale chocolate fondue fountains that includes models up to 40 inches tall, but you can get one of their mini-fountains for home use. They have a 16-inch model that melts the chocolate as well, which makes it a wonderful choice for domestic use.

Here is a fun fact for you readers out there: there actually is a fountain bigger than anything you have probably ever seen. The largest chocolate fountain in the world is located at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. This monster of a fountain stands 27 feet tall, even though you can only see 14 feet of it. A total of around 2,000 pounds of chocolate circulates through that Bellagio fountain.

It consists of 25 glass “shells” into which the chocolate spills from pipes in the ceiling. There’s even an element of art in that fountain, with the basins having been a distinct Chihuly design. Glass artist Dale Chihuly designed the ceiling sculpture in the Bellagio lobby. If you ever travel to Las Vegas, you absolutely must get a look at this fountain. In the meantime, you can have your own smaller version of chocolate fun with your own chocolate fountain at home.

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