Make Money With Your Own Website: Here’s How


‘First, you need to decide what kind of website to create. It’s very important to choose something that interests you. I like to write stories, so I chose to set up a website offering articles, tips, etc. on writing. This makes it fun to research your topic not only are you researching for your website but you’re researching for yourself, too.

Second, you need to research your topic. What kind of information do you want to offer on your topic? Articles? Tips? How to? Products? Product reviews? There are two ways to decide what to offer.

Offer what you would want to see on a website.

Look up other websites with similar topics and see what they offer. (You don’t want to create a website just like another one. Use the websites to get ideas of things that could be offered on your topic.)

Another way to come up with ideas for your website is to let your visitors suggest what they would like to see.

Now that you’ve researched your topic and found the articles, tips, reviews, etc. that you’ll offer on your site, it’s time to plan your site. You need to decide how many web pages you’ll have. Decide what each page will include. Don’t forget your Contact Us page.

Next, you’ll need to check out business websites that include topics similar to yours and see if they offer affiliate programs. Decide which ones you want to join. Google AdSense and Click-Through Traffic will pay you for each person that clicks on an ad the person does not need to buy anything.

Once you’re ready to create your website, you need to decide which web hosting company you want to use. There are a lot out there. (If you want to get approved for affiliate programs, you shouldn’t use free web hosting. These usually already have advertisements.)

After you choose your web host, you need to make up a domain name. You’ll need to see if the name you choose is available. (The company you choose should have a place for you to check the availability of your name.) Now that you have your domain name and have paid for it, you need to pay for a website package.

Using the web host’s website building program, build your web pages. (You don’t need to know the programming language  the web host should offer a program for you to use to build your site that will change your text to HTML code called What You See Is What You Get WYSIWYG)

After completing your website, apply for the affiliate programs you would like to join. Read all of their terms and conditions. Some companies will approve you right away; others may take a couple of days. When you receive approval from the companies, follow their instructions. The companies should offer you the HTML code to copy and paste onto your web pages. (If you are using what you see is what you get to build your web pages, you should have the option to add HTML code.)

Now you need to promote your website. This is the key to making your money. If no one visits your website, no one will be clicking on the links that you will be paid for.

Some ways to promote your website are:

Tell all your friends and family. Encourage them to tell everyone they know. Word of mouth is the best advertisement you can get.

If you know someone who has a website, ask them to swap links with you.

Search for websites with guest books. Some of these will let you list your website address when you sign their guest book.

If you sell items on eBay, add your website address in your listing.

You can create e-books on any subject and add your website address to your e-books. You can offer your e-books for free as a way to advertise. There are sites online that will let you list your free e-books – for free.

Make sure you keep your website updated. Change your articles, etc. every so often (it all depends on what your topic is and what you offer on this topic). You want to make sure your visitors will come back.

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