You Won’t Believe These Tips on How Teens Can Make Money Online


Teens make money online every day. Many people think the only way teens make money is to get it from mom and dad. This is not true. Everywhere you shop you find ambitious teens working to make extra money for everything from CDs and movies, to clothes and dates. Thanks to the internet teenagers can make money online just like everyone else.

Here are some ways teens can make money using the internet.

1. Work For Your Parents (Or Their Friends)

There is no end to things that can be done online for mom and dad. If they have a home business you can handle some day-to-day tasks like reading email, marketing, updating a website, submitting articles, and more. One nice thing for your parents is instead of giving you money now they can put your talents to work and get a tax benefit at the same time.

2. Sell Stuff Online

An easy way for teens to make money is to join an affiliate program and get paid to sell their products. Look for programs that offer movies, CDs, clothes, concert tickets, etc. This gives you a chance to make money selling products kids are buying online every day. A good place to learn about affiliate programs is here:

3. Get Paid To Take Surveys

Did you know companies in the United States spend over $250 Billion Dollars a year trying to convince consumers to buy their products? That money is spent on advertising as well as research. You can earn cash giving your opinion to over 450 companies. Learn more here:

4. Build Your Own Money Making Website

Do you have a product or know someone who does. Build a money-making website and sell your product online. This will take some skill, but once you have your system down you can keep all the profits, unlike affiliate programs where you only make a commission on what you sell.

5. Start Your Own Business

Here is a way to provide a service in your neighborhood and get paid for it. Become a jack of all trades and do things people don’t like to do or have time for. Here are a few ideas!

* Babysit * Walk Dogs * Mow Yards * Clean Houses * Wash Cars * Teach Computer Skills * Build Websites * Give Swimming Lessons * Grocery Shop * Paint Houses * Do Landscaping * House Sit * Pet Sit * Do errands * Tutor and Help With Homework * Type Papers

6. Get Your Own Business In A Box In 3 Steps

You will need a small amount of money to get this going, but getting your own Plugin Profit Site business in a box set up and ready to go in 3 easy steps is a great way to make money on the internet. You will get your own customized website, email marketing newsletter, training, marketing materials, follow-up support, and a lot more. Learn more here:

These are just a few ideas on how teens can make money. The internet makes it possible for anyone to make money regardless of age. If you are a hard worker with desire and are willing to learn then making money online is a great way for teens to make money.

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