Should You Write Testimonials on Your Website? Find Out Here


Testimonials can really give your website a boost IF they are done the right way. If they aren’t, you could wind up driving traffic away in droves.

Remember the key thing about testimonials is the fact they MUST be credible. Translation – don’t fake sincerity because people will know it’s fake.

We’ve all seen websites that had testimonials on them that seemed too good to be true, had lots of sales trigger words, and were really completely unbelievable. No two ways about it, they came across as phony. Bad move for you and your website.

Go ahead and ask your clients, customers, and other people who have dealt with you for a testimonial. Ask them to give feedback to you and then include the best comments on your website.

DO NOT WRITE YOUR OWN TESTIMONIALS, or have someone else do them for you. What do they know about your product/service other than what you tell them? They haven’t experienced your product/service so how valid do you think testimonials written by a hired writer will be?

You have likely seen website testimonials from so-called “satisfied customers” who only have initials. If they really were all that satisfied with the product, why don’t they stand up and say so? And then there are the sites that say blah blah blah is tremendous, signed Business Woman or Expert. Expert in what?

Each testimonial you use should have your customer’s full name and location. If they’re speaking on your behalf (behalf of your company) then include your company name. If they have any professional titles or certifications, use them. This means their comments carry more authority. And if they have a website, include it. This will prove your testimonial is legitimate.

If you have the chance to be able to use pictures with your testimonials, do so. Use “real people” pictures not stock photos. In other words, a photo that isn’t totally perfect will be believable, while one that is highly professional may not be. Such are the whims of the Internet viewing public. Oh, and by the way, ask your customers for permission to use their comments, etc. or you may find yourself in hot water later.

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